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Writing Intensive Courses

Many courses at Marymount assign writing. It’s both a learning tool – a way to deepen understanding of course content – and a valuable job skill. Practice brings improvement.
After students fulfill the freshman writing sequence – EN  101 Composition I and EN 102 Composition II – the University requires three Writing Intensive (WI) courses between sophomore and senior year. Although WI courses vary widely in topic and assignments, all require a minimum of 4,000 words (16 pages) of revised writing. Students refine their thinking as they submit drafts and respond to instructor and/or peer feedback.

EN 102 is a prerequisite for any WI course. Students may take all three in their major or dip into other disciplines. If possible, students should take no more than one WI course within a given semester.

WI Requirements

  • 3 courses for four-year students and for transfer students with 61 or more hours to complete at Marymount
  • 2 courses for transfer students with 37-60 hours to complete at Marymount 
  • 1 course for transfer students with 36 hours to complete at Marymount

Writing Outcomes for WI Courses

  • Students will produce written work appropriate to the discipline through a process that involves drafting and revision based on feedback.
  • Students will produce focused and coherent texts that address a specific audience, move effectively between generalizations and details, make honest use of sources, and engage complex ideas without distortion.
  • Students will produce texts that show careful attention to fluent sentence structure, grammatical correctness, and proper documentation.
  • Students will identify a suitable subject for scholarly inquiry in the discipline, analyze appropriate primary and secondary source materials, and support a focused thesis or argument in a clear and coherent product.