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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-14

NU 331 Illness Management in Adults I

Focuses on developing skills in problem solving and clinical judgment to facilitate the planning and provision of appropriate nursing care for adults with major disruptions in health in a variety of settings. Medical-surgical problems of the cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, and hematological systems as well as shock and burns will be addressed. Expands understanding of the nursing process, concepts and principles of nursing, humanities, and physical and behavioral sciences. Course includes lecture and clinical. Accelerated B.S.N. students are expected to take NU 231 and NU 331 concurrently. Students taking NU 231 and NU 331 in the same semester must drop NU 331 if they withdraw from NU 231. Students who drop NU 331 but remain in NU 231 may be required to have a skills check-off if more than one semester elapses before re-enrolling in NU 331. Prerequisites: BIO 161 and BIO 162. Prerequisites or corequisites: NU 246 for students in the 4-year B.S.N. program or NU 230 and NU 231 for students in the accelerated B.S.N. program. (5)

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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-14

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