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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-14

HI 325A-F Topics in American History

Provides an opportunity for students to study a specific group, region, or theme in American history. Subjects vary from semester to semester and are designated as: HI 325A Women in the United States; HI 325B Immigrants and Ethnicity; HI 325C The Frontier; HI 325D Virginia and the Old South. HI 325E and HI 325F have not been designated yet. Prerequisite for HI 325A and HI 325B: HI 210 or HI 211. Prerequisite for HI 325C and HI 325D: HI 210. Liberal Arts Core/University Requirements Designation for HI 325C and HI 325D: HI-2. (3)

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Undergraduate Catalog 2013-14

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