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Graduate Catalog 2013-14

PT 802 Clinical Practicum III

Provides the final 12-weeks of full-time supervised clinical education experience that takes place at the end of the third academic year. This course provides in-depth exposure and hands-on experience in the clinical setting ensuring that the student is prepared for entry level physical therapy practice. Students may have the opportunity to develop areas of special interest, such as pediatrics in the school system, hand therapy, burns, or sports medicine. The clinical sites include acute-care medical centers, subacute centers, home health agencies, outpatient clinics, and specialized practice centers. Offered summer semester only. Prerequisites: PT 700, PT 702, PT 710, PT 713, PT 720, PT 723, PT 730, PT 733, PT 740, PT 741, PT 744, PT 745, PT 754, PT 755, PT 800, PT 801, PT 803. (6)

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Graduate Catalog 2013-14

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