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Graduate Catalog 2013-14

MBA 523 Business Problem Solving

In this integrated core course, students will solve current business problems by applying appropriate problem solving and decisions analysis models and using the foundational skills and knowledge acquired in prerequisite courses. Completion of a semester-long project will require students to begin by assessing a designated business problem within the context of the firm's internal cross-functional structure as well as the ethical, economic, competitive, legal, and social environment within which the organization operates. Working through established problem-solving steps, students will conduct a comprehensive analysis and propose an actionable solution that supports the strategic goals of the organization in question. As a final step, students will present their analysis and solutions to affected decision-makers in an effort to persuade these business leaders to take action. Pre/Corequisites: MBA 515, MBA 519, MBA 521, and MBA 522. (3)

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Graduate Catalog 2013-14

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